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Yellow teeth recover?

I was wondering, do slightly yellow teeth ever recover a little from brushing teeth perfectly or do they just get progressively more yellow over time no matter what?

Yellow teeth recover?
try white strips - they really work
Reply:brush your teeth m8 with whitening toothpaste and fluoride

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Stubborn yellow teeth! I need whitening help!?

After I got my braces of last year, I begun to stop taking care of my teeth, and they are now a shade of yellow. And I know it sounds absolutely disgusting, but it%26#039;s true.

And now since I am entirely devoted to fixing up my appearance, I am looking for a way to whiten my teeth by brushing or using a whitening kit.

After I am somewhat satisfied with the look of my teeth I am considering going to get my teeth whitened by my dentist.

Specific questions:

What can I do to insure that I will at least have white teeth?

Specific toothpaste brand?

Whitening kits?

Rituals you may have??

Stubborn yellow teeth! I need whitening help!?
never forget wash ur teeth
Reply:Well it helps if u brush every day and more than once a day it might also help if u floss (even though it can take awhile) because it will get the gunk out why dont u just get them whitened by ur dentist in the first place instead of trying to do it yourself because it might be hard to do because u probably will get frustrated if it doesnt work I dont think that i helped much but i hope i did

P.S. I hope that u succeed in trying to get white teeth
Reply:Commercial tooth whiteners use hydrogen peroxide and are expensive and inconvenient. A cheap and natural tooth whitening home remedy uses few strawberries but certain precautions have to be taken. I found the information at
Reply:I used Simply White the gel and it produced dramatic results for me after about a week. With any whitener, after you get the results you want you%26#039;ll want to stop using it (they make your teeth sensitive) and just brush often every day.
Reply:When teeth become yellowish, rub with hydrogen peroxide (20 Vol.) using 1 part to 7 parts of water.Log on to http://tipsfromruby-teethcare.blogspot.c... tips to have sparkle on your teeth and keep them in good.
Reply:From the many best teeth whitening methods, in-house teeth whitening kits are sold in the market. These kits consist of plates usually attached to the teeth and enclose the gel that comes with the gel. Whatever any method you choose, important thing is your teeth become very bright to enhance your looks. The time frames required to make the difference will vary, but the effectiveness lies only with the professional doctor. You will not be able to do it by yourself.


Yellow Teeth >>>> White Teeth?

Hey I have yellow teeth and i am not afraid to admit it. I used to not brush my teeth at all but now i am brushing and flossing more and more. Can anyone reccomend any whitening toothpastes, kits, etc. that will help my teeth signaficantly turn whiter. Thanks a bunch.

Yellow Teeth %26gt;%26gt;%26gt;%26gt; White Teeth?
Results from tooth paste are totally insignificant the best way to whiten your teeth is by using Carbamide Peroxide, this is what dentists actually use and charge £300 per treatment.

We sell this for home use for around £20 and we also sell Laser kits. If you would like to know more please e mail me. or visit

Laser kits produce immediate results and they are inexpensive.
Reply:Crest Whitestrips are effective and affordable.
Reply:white strips work great. crest night effects also. then just keep up with Crest whitening toothpaste and Trident whitening gum. you%26#039;ll turn those butter teeth into pearly whites in no time!
Reply:crest whittening expressions! (get the herbal mint kind.. it taste good and it workds good too) good luck. it works gr8 for me!
Reply:You can try using a whitening toothpaste to help remove stain or there are crest white strips over the counter that work well.
Reply:Colgate is the best! Also, try to brush your teeth about 10 to 15 minutes. That will work!

Trust me.

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Ewww! Yellow Teeth!!?

There%26#039;s a girl in my class with YELLOW teeth. And i mean YELLOW! Like corn eww. I thot it was relly gross. SO i told one of my friends bout it. Now im relly conscience bout my teeth whether there 2 yellow or not iono. what is good 4 makin teeth white?

Ewww! Yellow Teeth!!?
I asked my dentist and he told me to go and buy Crest White Strips and use those before I got them bleached. I did and they worked great! No problems and really easy to use. You can pick them up at your local drug store! :)
Reply:Crest white strips work really well.
Reply:Pure Baking soda, works very well!!!
Reply:do what your mom and your dentist always told you! DONT EAT LOTS OF SWEETS!! oh and BRUSH YOUR TEETH UR DIRTY!!
Reply:Use toothpaste with baking soda. It helps. If you are older then use Crest Whitening strips. But if you are young... don%26#039;t use them.
Reply:Bleaching at the dentist works. However, if you have any cavities in your front teeth, make sure that you get your teeth bleached first as the white fillings won%26#039;t bleach. You want to match up the shade of bleach with the filling color.
Reply:Just maybe she has a health issue with them. Now if they were green that would be a different story.

Cut the gal some slack unless well unless you know for sure she doesnt brush her teeth then too her parents may be deadbeats
Reply:White Strips all the way! And lay off the dark sodas and coffee. You shoudln%26#039;t be drinking that stuff anyway.
Reply:Crest whitening strips work. but normally just taking good care of your teeth and i good toothpaste with baking soda. Ive also used ones with hydrogen peroxide in them. Other than that getting a professional to make you a dental tray to match your teeth is the absolute best way. Its a little expensive about 350 for them to make the tray. Hope this helps.
Reply:tell her to get off the sweets, brush her teeth 2 times a day, and that if her teeth stay like that people will make jokes about her like yur teeth r so yellow I CAN%26#039;T BELIVE IT%26#039;S NOT BUTTER!
Reply:i tried those crest strips and only a few days in i already noticed a marked lightening of my teeth and they weren%26#039;t that yellow to begin with.

i also noticed i couldn%26#039;t talk, breathe through the mouth, eat or drink. the strips made my teeth horribly sensitive.

also, if you have a wide smile you%26#039;ll have to double up or your side teeth won%26#039;t be whitened. i have a narrow smile so one strip was good but i can see how folks with a wide smile would have some problems.

i hope you have better luck. i won%26#039;t dare try it again.
Reply:BRUSH!!!!! And learn to spell.
Reply:go to a cosmetic dentist and asked for your teeth to get whitened. they can use lasers and stuff now that gets em white as can be.
Reply:The girl in your class might have a medical condition that make/made her teeth yellow and discoloured - if that%26#039;s the case, there%26#039;s nothing she can do about it, so back off! For example, she could%26#039;ve been getting a certain kind of antibiotics through placenta while she was still in her mother%26#039;s womb which discolour teeth in the making...

But, generally, brush well and regularly, stay off sweets and staining stuff (tea, coffee, coke and such, red wine,...). If you still want them whiter, go to the dentist and have yourself a cosmetic dental bleaching


Yellow Teeth is not attractive..?

ok im using a baking soda toothpaste .. i tried baking soda alone but it just tasted to bad so i bought the toothpaste with some already in it.. and im using (once a day) crest white strips.. i%26#039;ve been using this tooth paste and strips for 3 days now.. and i have some patches on my teeth and it looks like the whole color of the teeth may have gone down a tiny bit.. (my teeth aren%26#039;t that yellow to begin with) but when will my teeth be white . .. how long will this take of doing both everyday?

Yellow Teeth is not attractive..?
Generally, the strips are used twice a day. You can expect %26quot;whiter%26quot; teeth in 2 weeks. Teeth actually seldom get white unless it%26#039;s in your genes
Reply:Drink sparkling water in the meantime, throughout the day. It really helps. Don%26#039;t drink coke, coffee, tea (especially green tea), or even orange juice. You can drink, other soda (like sprite and fanta and mountain dew) and apple juice and pineapple juice, of course water is best.

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Can naturally yellow teeth be whitened?

I%26#039;ve tried brushing with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide for 3 weeks with no success. Perhaps my teeth are not stained and so there is no way to get rid of the yellow. Could it be that only stained teeth be whitened and not teeth that are naturally yellow in color? My teeth are strong and thick and I heard that can cause teeth to be yellow since less light can pass through it.

Can naturally yellow teeth be whitened?
It%26#039;s true, if you%26#039;re a coffee drinker or smoker your teeth can yellow quite a bit over time. Over the counter teeth whitening can work pretty good, but I think in your case the stronger percentage of peroxide from a dentist would work better. I would recommend the trays instead of %26quot;in office%26quot; bleaching. Tray whitening can last over 18 months where as the %26quot;in office%26quot; bleaching only lasts about 6 months (Plus it costs twice as much). I%26#039;m not sure that thicker teeth have much to do with it, but genetics in general might be a factor. Ask your dentist about a bleach that has 16- 22% carbamide peroxide. I%26#039;ve seen dramatic results!! Hope this helps

-Dental Assistant
Reply:You%26#039;ll have to go to the dentist and get them professionally whitened.
Reply:crest renewal or whatever.. my boyfriend tried them and his teeth are awesome... BUT, you have to do exactly what it says and not cheat!!!
Reply:Do you smoke Toby? Or did you? Because that would contribute.

Try whitening tooth paste and/or those white strips because they do work.

Also, your DDS can do a cleaning and polishing and that should whiten then up quite a bit.
Reply:brush ur teeth